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Doctor of Philosophy – History, Student 2023 - Present

  • Specialization: Sexual Diversity Studies

  • Supervisors: Drs. Elspeth Brown and Max Mishler


  • Jeanne Armour Scholarship

  • Doctoral Fellowship


Master of Arts – History, Candidate 2021 - (2023)

  • Research Cluster: Law & Society

  • Joseph Armand Bombardier Scholar

  • Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Heather Murray


  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Graduate Scholarship

  • Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies Scholarship – University of Ottawa

Major Projects:

  • Thesis: Blue Laws Matter: Post-Jim Crow Policing as the Key to Mass Incarceration, 1964-1982.

  • Research Paper on the Japanese Internment Supreme Court cases U.S. Foreign Policy Graduate Seminar.

  • Research Paper on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings of Justices O’Connor, Scalia, Kennedy, and Rehnquist – American Conservatism Graduate Seminar.

  • Annotated Bibliography of major historiography in anti-racism published on the Antiracist History website for the University of Ottawa.

Relevant Courses:

  • Graduate Seminars in American History: American Conservatism and American Foreign Policy from 1900.

  • Directed Reading Course covering 25 books: “History of the Law and Legal Theory as it Pertains to Race, Gender, and Sexuality in America,” supervised by Dr. Murray.

  • Graduate History Methodology Seminar: Research Methods.


Certificate in Undergraduate Teaching, 2021-2022

Honors Bachelor of Arts with a Specialization in History, Minor in History, 2019 - 2021

  • Honors: Summa Cum Laude, D.M. Hogarth History Scholarship, Michel Prévost Award of Excellence in History.

  • CGPA: 9.51/10.00; CGPA History Major: 9.71/10.00

Major Projects:

  • Honor’s Undergraduate Thesis: The Confederacy Still Speaks: The Legal Protection of Monuments to the Southern Confederacy from Historical Preservation to Government Speech Doctrine.

  • Conducted primary research on the deliberations surrounding Article III of the US Constitution at the 1787 Constitutional convention (Research paper: “‘Neither force nor will, but merely judgement’: The Role of the Supreme Court in Legislative Centric-Federalism”).

  • Microhistory Research Paper: The First Viral Video of Police Brutality: The 87-Second Lawful Police Assault on Rodney King.​

Relevant Courses:

  • History of the United States Courses: 1750 – 1877; 1877 – 1945; 1945 – Present.

  • Topics in U.S. History Courses: 13 Colonies; The Presidency of F.D.R.; U.S. Foreign Policy: 1776 – 1912.

  • Senior Seminars in American History: Black Lives Matter; American Revolution.

  • History Methodology Courses: History Labs; The Historian’s Craft; Source to Text; Seminar in Microhistory.​

DEC – Social Sciences: Law, Society and Justice 2018 – 2019

Dawson College, Montreal, Quebec

  • Graduated with high honours (Avg: 91.7%/R-Score: 32.03)

  • Integrative Project: The Landmark Supreme Court Cases of Trinity Western v. LSUC and LSBC v. Trinity Western


Doctoral Scholarships & Grants:

  • Jeanne Armour Scholarship ($43,000), 2023-28

    • Awarded: Department of History, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto

  • Doctoral Tuition Scholarship ($40,000), 2023-28

    • Awarded: Department of History, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto

  • Doctoral Fellowship ($62,525), 2023-28

    • Awarded: Department of History, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto

  • Doctoral History Program Fellowship ($1,000), 2023-28

    • Awarded: Department of History, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto

Graduate Scholarships & Grants:

  • Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship ($17,500), 2022-23

    • Awarded by: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (S.S.H.R.C.)

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15,000), 2022-23

    • Declined by recipient

  • Graduate Admissions Scholarship ($18,500), 2021-23

    • Awarded by: Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies - University of Ottawa

Undergraduate Merit Scholarships:

  • D.M. Hogarth Bursary in History ($2,550), 2021

    • Awarded by: University of Ottawa

  • Michel Prévost Award of Excellence in History ($1,000), 2021

    • Awarded by: University of Ottawa

  • Kevin & Anne-Marie Dee Scholarship ($3,000), 2021

    • Awarded by: University of Ottawa

  • Y.P. Heung Foundation Scholarship ($9,000), 2021

    • Awarded by: University of Ottawa

  • APUO Scholarship ($1,250), 2021

    • Awarded by: University of Ottawa

  • Desjardins Foundation Scholarship ($2,000), 2021

    • Awarded by The Desjardins Group

  • Dean's Honor List Scholarship ($3,000), 2019-20

    • Awarded by: University of Ottawa

  • S.A.S.S. Scholarship ($2,000), 2019-21

    • Awarded by: University of Ottawa



Master of Arts - Thesis (09/2021 - 08/2023)

Department of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa

  • Reviewed historiographical articles and books about the carceral state, policing practices, and federal prosecutors.

  • Conducted extensive archival research at the Library of Congress – Manuscript Division, the National Archives, and various Federal Courthouses.

  • Developed expertise researching with online legal databases such as PACER and Lexis.

  • Analyzed Supreme Court and Federal Appellate Court draft decisions and Court Memoranda to assess the perspectives of different judges/justices regarding police practices of surveillance and apprehension.

Undergraduate Honor's Thesis (01/2021 - 04/2021)

Department of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa

  • Reviewed historiography and reports on Confederate monuments, and their legislative and judicial protection.

  • Conducted primary research regarding Confederate monuments found on the Department of the Interior’s National Registry of Historic Places.

  • Analyzed the application documents of 103 Confederate monuments found on the registry.

  • Examined contemporary state legislation protecting Confederate Monuments throughout the Southern States and reviewed the documents of a federal legal challenge to contemporary legislation in Birmingham, Alabama.


Host/Producer (2021 - Present)

  • Founded public history podcast on the intersectionality of Queer, African American, and Legal history.

  • Conducted research, wrote the scripts, recorded, and produced 2 seasons (20 episodes) about various themes in American history aimed at making the history of the law more accessible to the public.



Teacher - Student Enrichment Program (05/2023)

Department of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa​​

  • Designed and taught a university summer course for junior and senior high school students.

  • Course title: Black Lives Matter[ed]: The History of Anti-Racism in Canada and the United States.

Teaching Assistant (09/2021 - Present)

Department of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa​​

  • Graded a variety of student assignments including research papers, primary source analyses, and examinations.

  • Met with undergraduate students one-on-one to provide feedback and guidance for their assignments.

  • Attended virtual synchronous lectures to provide technological support to professor.

  • Courses:

    • HIS2100: The Historian’s Craft

    • HIS2152: U.S. History from 1750 to 1865

    • HIS2152: U.S. History from 1865 to 1945

    • HIS2153: U.S. History from 1945 to present

    • HIS3150[A]: Special Topics in U.S. History – Medicine & Modernity

    • HIS3150[C]: The Presidency of FDR

Guest Lecturer (01/2022 - 04/2022)

Department of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa​​

  • Conducted lectures and facilitated student discussions on key Supreme Court cases: Brown v. Board of Education and Furman v. Georgia.




Senior Project Coordinator (01/2023 - 06/2023)

  • Updated the contents of the association’s public website, including a 100-page long annotated bibliography.

  • Planned and coordinated monthly workshop/webinar/talks in virtual, hybrid, and in-person formats.

STRATA (Academic Journal)

Editor-in-Chief (09/2022 - 08/2023)

  • Migrated journal from its website to an open journal system (OJS) expanding its reach across academic libraries.

  • Solicited paper submissions from graduate students at universities across Canada and the United States.

  • Organized an editorial board to review article submissions and select articles for the peer-review phase.

  • Determined appropriate reviewers for articles and coordinated communication between authors and reviewers.


Faculty Council History Department Representative (09/2022 - 04/2023)

  • Participated in monthly faculty meetings to represent the needs of graduate students in the history department.


President (02/2022 - Present)​

  • Convened referendum that successfully codified on anti-racist solidarity statement into association’s constitution.

  • Organized monthly association meetings for the executive committee and association members.

  • Participated in History Department faculty meetings as a representative of History Graduate Students Association.


Editorial Board Member/Reviewer (11/2020 - 04/2021)

  • Participated in editorial board review of submissions to the journal.

  • Conducted blind review of two submissions pertaining to U.S. history that were included in the final publication.

  • Edited citations for each article prior to publication to ensure they were confirming to Chicago Manual of style.


Editorial Assistant (09/2019 - 04/2020)

Department of History, University of Ottawa/York University (Canada)

  • Performed various weekly administrative tasks at the direction of the managing editor

  • Designed social media posts across channels based on recent historical publications and current events.

  • Screened books received from academic publishers to determine appropriate candidates for book reviews.


Staff Contributor (08/2019 - 05/2020)

  • Engaged with news and features section editor and/or editor-in-chief for article assignments and/or story pitches.

  • Contributed to the reporting of other student journalists on campus including “U of O’s Response to Carding,

    Racial Discrimination incident” and “Student Protest Anti-Psychiatry Exhibit”.

  • Recognized by external organizations, including the United Nations Human Rights Council for a October 2019 feature article, The Fight to Ban Conversion Therapy.



Citation. Di Carlo, Jonathan “The Fight to Ban Conversion Therapy.” The Fulcrum (Ottawa, Canada) Oct. 13, 2019. In Mendos, Lucas Ramon. Report: “Curbing Deception: A World Survey on Legal Regulation of so-called ‘Conversion Therapies.’” (Geneva: ILGA World, 2020).

The above report was submitted to the United Nation Human Rights Council at the forty-fourth session in March 2020 by the Independent Expert on Protection against Violence and Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Annotated Bibliography. “Annotated Bibliography: Anti-Racism in United States History Literature.” Antiracist History: Integrating Antiracism into our Teaching, Research, and Service. University of Ottawa.

Journal Article. (Forthcoming). Di Carlo, Jonathan. “‘May the [Goddamndest, Toughest Voting Rights Bill] Please the Court’? The Regression of the Voting Rights Act in the Supreme Court from Katzenbach to Shelby.” Past Imperfect 25, no. 1 (2023): TBD.



Presentation. “Blue Laws Matter: Constitutional Post-Jim Crow Policing as the Key to Mass Incarceration, 1964-1982.” Pierre Savard Conference. March 31, 2023. University of Ottawa.

Speaker. “Public Workshop: Black Ghost of Empire: The Long Death of Slavery and the Failure of Emancipation." The Antiracist History Association. March 9, 2023. University of Ottawa (Canada).

Presenter“‘May the [Goddamndest, Toughest Voting Rights Bill] Please the Court’? The Regression of the Voting Rights Act in the Supreme Court from Katzenbach to Shelby.” Tri-University Conference: Imagining a New History, Session 4.2: Issues of Race in North America. March 25, 2023. University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada). 

Presenter“The Confederacy Still Speaks: The Legal Protection of Monuments to the Southern Confederacy from Historic Preservation to Government Speech Doctrine.” Colloquium: Rethinking a World in Crisis: Acceleration, Alienation, and the Critique of Life Forms. October 21, 2022. Ottawa, Canada.


LGBTQ+ Activist
No Conversion Canada, Ottawa, Ontario | 2021 to Present

  • Participated in a variety of media interviews in support of the proposed legislation to criminalize conversion therapy (Bill C-8, 43:1; Bill C-6, 43:2; Bill C-4, 44:1)

  • Testified about experience in Conversion Therapy before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in support of Bill C-6, 43:2.


One-in-Five Podcast, Ottawa, Ontario | 2019 to Present

  • Attended planning meetings to participate in decision-making for the contents of each episode

  • Carefully researched topics of interest to prepare for the writing and recording of each episode

  • Conducting recorded interviews with participants for several episodes concerning the mental health crisis at uOttawa

Telephone/Web Chat Counsellor
Interligne (formerly Gai Écoute), Montreal, Quebec | 2017 to 2021

  • Received phone calls and web chats from individuals experiencing psychological distress pertaining to LGBTQ+ related issues and crises

  • Conducted training seminars for both staff and students in Montreal-area French high schools exploring issues that LGBTQ+ teens experience

  • Participated in semi-annual training sessions for new volunteers through crisis phone call simulations

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