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Student, Doctor of Philosophy - History
University of Toronto

  • Jonathan is a Historian of American Queer Legal History. His research focuses on litigious resistance to anti-Queer police violence in constitutional law. 

  • PhD Student in history with a specialization in sexual diversity studies

  • Master of Arts - History with a Specialization in Law & Society, University of Ottawa

  • MA Thesis: Blue Laws Matter: Post-Jim Crow Police Power, Stop and Frisk, and the Agents that Populated the Carceral State.

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts, major in History and minor in Political Science, University of Ottawa

  • Undergraduate thesis: The Confederacy Still Speaks: The Legal Protection of Monuments to the Southern Confederacy from Historic Preservation to Government Speech Doctrine.

  • Founder and host of Pod Save our History, a public history podcast about the nexus between American legal history and African American history.

  • Jonathan identifies as gay, uses he/him pronouns, and is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ rights on a local and global scale. He has volunteered for several LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations. Jonathan is a survivor of the discredited and harmful practice of conversion/reparative therapy and a passionate advocate for their eradication.

  • Jonathan has appeared on CTV News, CBC News, QUB Radio, CHOI FM, CBC Radio Ottawa and in Voice of America, Le Soleil, Le Devoir, and the Ottawa Citizen.

Image by Giammarco Boscaro



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